18. Tools and Resources

comp.lang.c FAQ list · Question 18.1

Q: I need some C development tools.

A: Here is a crude list of some which are available.

a C cross-reference generator
cflow, cxref, calls, cscope, xscope, or ixfw
a C beautifier/pretty-printer
cb, indent, GNU indent, or vgrind
a revision control or configuration management tool
a C source obfuscator (shrouder)
obfus, shroud, or opqcp
a ``make'' dependency generator
makedepend, or try cc -M or cpp -M
tools to compute code metrics
ccount, Metre, lcount, or csize; there is also a package sold by McCabe and Associates
a C lines-of-source counter
this can be done very crudely with the standard Unix utility wc, and somewhat better with grep -c ";"
a C declaration aid (cdecl)
check volume 14 of comp.sources.unix (see question 18.16) and K&R2
a prototype generator
see question 11.31
a tool to track down malloc problems
see question 18.2
a ``selective'' C preprocessor
see question 10.18
language translation tools
see questions 11.31 and 20.26
C verifiers (lint)
see question 18.7
a C compiler!
see question 18.3

(This list of tools is by no means complete; if you know of tools not mentioned, you're welcome to contact this list's maintainer.)

Other lists of tools, and discussion about them, can be found in the Usenet newsgroups comp.compilers and comp.software-eng.

See also questions 18.3 and 18.16.

comp.lang.c FAQ list · Question 18.2

Q: How can I track down these pesky malloc problems?

A: A number of debugging packages exist to help track down malloc problems; one popular one is Conor P. Cahill's ``dbmalloc'', posted to comp.sources.misc in 1992, volume 32. Others are ``leak'', available in volume 27 of the comp.sources.unix archives; JMalloc.c and JMalloc.h in the ``Snippets'' collection; MEMDEBUG from ftp.crpht.lu in pub/sources/memdebug ; and Electric Fence. See also question 18.16.

A number of commercial debugging tools exist, and can be invaluable in tracking down malloc-related and other stubborn problems: