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comp.lang.c FAQ list · Question 8.6

Q: How can I get the numeric value (i.e. ASCII or other character set code) corresponding to a character, or vice versa?

A: In C, characters are represented by small integers corresponding to their values in the machine's character set. Therefore, you don't need a conversion function: if you have the character, you have its value. The following fragment:

	int c1 = 'A', c2 = 65;
	printf("%c %d %c %d\n", c1, c1, c2, c2);
	A 65 A 65
on an ASCII machine.

To convert back and forth between the digit characters and the corresponding integers in the range 0-9, add or subtract the constant '0' (that is, the character value '0').

See also questions 8.9, 13.1, and 20.10.

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