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``ANSI escape sequences'' are special sequences of characters which do not print but which rather affect a display in some way. The basic syntax of an ANSI escape sequence is
	ESC [ parameter(s) code
where ESC is the ASCII ``Escape'' character ('\033' or '\x1B'), [ is a single open square bracket character, parameter(s) is a numeric parameter or semicolon-separated list of numeric parameters, and code is a single character indicating the action to be performed. A (brief and incomplete) list of codes is:

H move cursor; the two parameters are the row and column to move to
J clear screen; the parameter 2 means clear the whole screen
m set graphic rendition (see parameter list below)

The graphic rendition codes include:

0 return to normal (no attributes)
1 bold
4 underline
7 inverse video
31 red
32 green
33 yellow
34 blue
35 magenta
36 cyan

There are also codes in the 40's for setting the background color, e.g. 41 sets the background to red.

Several codes may appear at once, separated by semicolons.


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