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comp.lang.c FAQ list · Question 18.9

Q: Are there any C tutorials or other resources on the net?

A: There are several of them:

Tom Torfs has a nice tutorial at

``Notes for C programmers,'' by Christopher Sawtell, are available by ftp from and, or on the web at .

Tim Love's ``C for Programmers'' is available by ftp from in the misc directory. An html version is at

The Coronado Enterprises C tutorials are available on Simtel mirrors in pub/msdos/c or on the web at

There is a web-based course by Steve Holmes at

Martin Brown has C course material on the web at

On some Unix machines you can try typing ``learn c'' at the shell prompt (but the lessons may be quite dated).

Finally, the author of this FAQ list once taught a couple of C classes and has placed their notes on the web; they are at

[Disclaimer: I have not reviewed many of these tutorials, and I gather that they tend to contain errors. With the exception of the one with my name on it, I can't vouch for any of them. Also, this sort of information rapidly becomes out-of-date; these addresses may not work by the time you read this and try them.]

Several of these tutorials, plus a great deal of other information about C, are accessible via the web at

Vinit Carpenter maintains a list of resources for learning C and C++; it is posted to comp.lang.c and comp.lang.c++, and archived where this FAQ list is (see question 20.40), or on the web at

See also questions 18.9b, 18.10, and 18.15c.

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