comp.lang.c FAQ list(s)

You probably just came from there, but there is a browsable, web-based HTML version. (Please don't ask me for a downloadable archive of the HTML version, as I'm currently unable to provide one. Just browse it here, or download one of the versions below.)

A book, containing most of this material has been published by Addison-Wesley (ISBN 0-201-84519-9). Printed books, alas, tend to have a few errors; I've prepared an errata list for this one.

Here is a recent, compressed copy of the ASCII FAQ list, as posted to Usenet (~100k compressed, ~275k when uncompressed). [This and the other compressed files ending in .gz referenced from this page are compressed with the GNU "gzip" utility and can be uncompressed with "gunzip", versions of which are, I believe, available for all popular operating systems.]

Here is the abridged version (~25k compressed, ~60k when uncompressed).

Here is a (considerably older) PostScript rendition (342k). BEWARE: the question numbers don't match current versions.

There are several translations into other languages:

Here is an, um, er, ``alternate version'' by Peter Seebach.

If you're interested in C++, Marshall Cline maintains a C++ FAQ list.

For web access to other Usenet FAQ lists, visit